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If you are experiencing difficulties in reading Marathi content, the required fonts may not be getting installed dynamically on your computer. These Fonts are meant for Windows based systems only. Just follow the steps given below to install the fonts manually on your computer.
1) Click (for e.g) on the DVBW-TTSurekh and DVBW-TTYogesh links given below, one after the other, to download the True Type fonts. Save the font files in a folder on your computer (eg: C:\Temp).

2) After both the fonts are saved in this manner, click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. In the Control Panel double-click on Fonts

3) You will see list of all the fonts currently installed on your computer.Now,click on the File menu and choose the Install New Font...option. Then select the drive and folder in which you had saved the font files (eg: C:\Temp). You should see the files DVBW-TTSurekh and DVBW-TTYogesh displayed in the upper left corner box.

4) Select both the font files (select first file, press Ctrl key and click on the second file) then click on 'OK'. The fonts will get installed on your computer. To check if the fonts have been installed, see whether the names DVBW-TTSurekh and DVBW-TTYogesh appear in the Fonts directory. You should now be able to view the marathi content properly. If not, then you may have to change some settings in your browser:

a) If you are using Internet Explorer - Click on View -> Encoding and select User defined.

b) If using Netscape - Click on Edit -> Preferences -> Fonts. You will find three options under the title Sometimes a document will provide its own fonts. Select the third option Use document-specified fonts, including dynamic fonts.

This should take care of the configuration of your browser for viewing the Marathi fonts.

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